John McEuen Made In Brooklyn Review

John McEuen Made in Brooklyn Review

John McEuen Made in Brooklyn review
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John McEuen Made in Brooklyn Review brought to you by Country’s Greatest Music Artists. By any stretch of the imagination, a 16 song CD on Chesky Records is a rather ambitious undertaking. In a time when artists are putting out less material on a disc you might think this is a daunting listening assignment but you’d be wrong. Let’s have a listen.

Welcome to the John McEuen Made in Brooklyn Review

Brooklyn Crossing

It might not excite anyone in particular to listen to an instrumental but something about the song Brooklyn Crossing is very hypnotic and mystically listenable.

My Dirty Life and Times

Written by Warren Zevon, McEuen gives this song a new life in an old fashioned style. It feels like an old time bluegrass Appalachian song.

Travelin’ Mood

Here by the title you might expect a toe tapper. It is a nice blues feeling sound that has a lot of living room in it.

She Darked the Sun

I first heard this song when it was done by Linda Ronstadt and I liked it then. McEuen gives his own take on the song and still stays true to the roots of it.

Miner’s Night Out

This is another instrumental that is pieced together in a way that never tires the listener. It is well laid and well crafted.

Excitable Boy

Closing my eyes I could imagine this one gracing the stage of the Grand Ol’ Opry back in the day though the subject matter is a bit off color.

My Favorite Dream Intro

I can honestly say that an intro to a song being 2:23 in length and having its own track is unusual. But it does set up the next song very well.

My Favorite Dream

The intro chord structure gives a glimpse of of what’s coming. The song was penned by Boudleaux Bryant and has a deceivingly sexy groove to it.

I Still Miss Someone

Johnny Cash is long gone but as long as artists like McEuen continue to cover his songs he will live on. I think the Man in Black would approve of this cover.

Jules’ Theme

This is a McEuen original and it literally exudes emotion within its self. Instrumentals are not as appealing as they once were, at least not until you hear them done with the great passion he adds to them.

Blue Ride Cabin

If you are led by the title to expect heavy bluegrass then you certainly won’t be disappointed. It is a refreshingly acoustic look at mountain life.

Acoustic Traveler

Musicians and engineers often forget about the impact that harmonics play in a tune. Once listen to the beginning of this song and you will remember how wonderful an acoustic instrument can sound.

Mr. Bojangles

Most folks will remember the Nitty Gritty Dirt Bands version of this song from the hit recording. Written by country outlaw Jerry Jeff Walker, the song is given a whole new dimension when it is touched by McEuen’s voice.

I Rose Up

Acoustic bass covers the entire background of the first verse and it is refreshingly solid. In fact you don’t miss the other instruments until you hear them all come in.

The Mountain Whippoorwill

When you look at the time on this track coming in at just shy of 10 minutes in length it’s hard to imagine a song holding attention that long. It is a nice story telling song and actually slips by before you know it.

Bojangles Conversation

This is a conversation with McEuen about his recollections of the story of how Jerry Jeff Walker came up with the song Mr. Bojangles, and as such is not a true song, but interesting none the less.

John McEuen Made in Brooklyn Review

In conclusion, when over produced and polished musical performances has become the norm, this CD breaks those rules.   Hurrah for the originality which sound fresh and appealing. This was obviously a labor of love and not an attempt at commercialism. A+ on achieving your goal.

Country’s Greatest Music Artists gives this Bluegrass beauty a 5 out of 5 Stars.  

Pick up a copy today at Amazon.


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John McEuen Made in Brooklyn review
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